Crosscountry Canada online

AND – Links commands together
C (continue) – Moves the truck in the same direction it was going.
D (down) – Driver steps out of the truck
DA – View dashboard
DAY – Shows how many days you’ve been on the road
EAT – Eat at a restaurant. Costs $10 a shot.
EX – Shows expenses.
FILL UP – Fills up your gas tank.
GET [commodity name here] – Gets the commodity if you are in a city
that has it.
H (Health) – Lets you know if your trucker needs to eat or sleep
I (inventory) – Shows the date, all commodities you picked up, your
final destination, and the next commodity you need (if applicable)
L (look)- Gives a description of the surroundings
LM – Local Map. Shows the current Prov/Territory.
N, S, E, W (and all combos) – moves the truck in that direction.
PICK UP HITCHHIKER – If you see a hitchhiker on the side of the road
and want to pick him up, then stop the truck (press enter) and type
PM – Political Map. Shows the whole map of Canada.
PUT ON SEATBELT – What you should do when you get into any vehicle,
imaginary or not. (lol)
QUIT – Quits the game.
RADIO FOR HELP – Use when you get into an accident or run out of gas.
RESTORE – loads a previous game.
SAVE – Saves a game.
SCRIPT – Prints a transcript of the game
SLEEP – Sleep in your truck for 8 hours.
SLEEP IN HOTEL – Sleep in a hotel for 8 hours. Costs $30.
SPEED – If you want to be a speed demon and make the truck go faster.
Causes accidents and the cops may come after you.
T – Turns the truck on/off
T ON LIGHTS – Turns on headlights. Use T OFF LIGHTS to turn off.
T ON WIPERS – Turns on wipers. Use T OFF WIPERS to turn off.
U – Gets the trucker back in the truck.
UNSCRIPT – Stops printing your game.
WAIT – Makes an hour go by.